In this section, I aim to recount the known facts about the life of William Kidd. There are many colourful and unsubstantiated tales of Kidd's life and times, especially his younger years. However, all historians agree that we just don't know enough about Kidd's early life, when he was in his 20's and 30's, a time that will always remain undocumented conjecture until new evidence can be produced.

Kidd has been linked by various researchers with the mysterious Money Pit of Oak Island, Port Royal in Jamaica, pirate banks in Haiti, and numerous buried treasure sites all around the eastern seaboard of America and Nova Scotia.

However,  the one period of Kidd’s life that is well documented is his last mission to the Indian Ocean with the King’s Commission to apprehend and rid the region of pirates.  

This section looks in detail at this period of Kidd’s life.  The first part examines the “accepted” account as churned out by all other historians and researchers, and the second part examines my account of what I believe really happened.  This will be controversial to many, but I underpin my thesis with facts, timelines and true events to qualify my theory. This is explained in full in the “Conspiracy Theory” section.
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