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This site aims to tell the fantastic story surrounding the life and times of the infamous Captain Kidd.  Within these pages, you will discover  ~

Kidd’s genealogy

Kidd’s rise to prominence in the Caribbean and colonial America

Kidd’s associations with King William III, high ranking officials and key members of the nobility

Kidd’s treasure maps ~ an in depth analysis

A look at past treasure hunts for Kidd’s long lost Treasure Island

A look at other peoples work who are currently searching for Kidd’s island

More alleged pirate treasure maps ~ some with a claimed Kidd connection

Kidd’s association with known pirates, especially his alleged arrangement with John Avery

Kidd’s infamous Indian Ocean mission to rid the region of pirates

Kidd’s own account of his Indian Ocean mission, as written by his own hand

Kidd’s capture, trial and eventual execution

Full transcript of Kidd’s trials for murder and piracy of the “Quedagh Merchant”

Photographs and images of old 17th century documents

The conspiracy theory ~ the truth behind Kidd’s mission?

My hunt for Kidd’s Treasure Island

Read the first few parts of Richard Zack’s “The Pirate Hunter”

Read New Release book reviews

Watch the movie ~ “Captain Kidd”

Watch a short clip about the discovery of the wreck of Captain Kidd’s ship, “Quedagh Merchant”

Watch a 1940’s British Pathe News clip showing Mrs. Dick with Captain Kidd’s possessions

There will also be a forum and blog space (with RSS feed) where you can share your thoughts and ideas with other like minded visitors, a secure on-line store to buy artefacts and mementos, and links to other great sites.

So whether you are visiting to reference the historical content, or to buy books and artefacts from our store, or just to keep in touch with other forum members, whatever your reason for visiting, you are very welcome ~ and we trust you enjoy your stay !

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Site content (text and Images) are the property of Paul Hawkins - © All rights reserved
Site design and layout Copyright 2000/9  Paul Hawkins - All rights reserved
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